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Eric L. Ping, ACNP,
Aaron M. Amburgey, PA-C,
Albert K. Chin, MD 

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Ninos Samano, MD
Hakan Geijer, MD, PhD
Mats Liden, MD, PhD
Stephen Fremes, MD, MSc
Lennart Bodin, PhD
Domingos Sousa, MD, PhD
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JoAnn Montecalvo, PA-C,  
Shawn J. Sussman, PA-C,
Nona Chen, PA-C,
Scott L. Schubach, MD
Albert Chin, MD

  • “The quality of the vein is more pristine with fewer avulsions and fewer thermal burns as compared to the other systems we have trialed.”
    – Dr. Scott Schubach, Chairman of Cardiac Surgery, NYU Winthrop Hospital
  • This is a true minimal-touch instrument. The integrated design allows for simultaneous dissection and ligation of the branches as you move down the tunnel.
    – Michael Sullivan PA-C
  • “Since we first began using the simplified method of vein harvesting with Venapax, I have noticed a significant decrease in the learning curve of our new and inexperienced vein harvesters. "
    – Dr. Scott Schubach, Chairman of Cardiac Surgery, NYU Winthrop Hospital
  • “We have been able to compare Venapax to the other devices and have found less trauma to the vein during harvesting. I have seen less bleeding during harvesting as evidenced by less bruising or hematoma formation post-operatively. I am very happy with this system and prefer it for all of my patients requiring EVH."
    – Nepal C Chowdhury, MD, Cardiac Surgeon St. Mary’s Medical Center, Huntington, WV
  • "I have been very happy with the quality of the veins that our first assistants have been able to harvest with Saphena’s device. It provides us with a quality vein comparable to what we used to see with open vein harvesting.”
    – Geoffrey R Cousins, MD, Cardiac Surgeon at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington, WV.
  • "Since learning to use the Saphena Venapax system, my vein quality is consistently better than with any other device I have used in the last 20 years. "
    – Matt Petrides PA, Manager, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • "Venapax is producing the highest quality conduit I’ve seen in my years of cardiothoracic surgery. It reduces venous compression and traction, resulting in less endothelial damage, therefore enhancing graft patency. "
    – Aaron Amburgey PA-C
  • "The ability to dissect with minimal distortion of the vein while providing long branches decreases the risk of unseen intimal damage. I have observed excellent vein quality and no leg wound issues with the use of Venapax.”
    – Dr. Steven A Leyland
  • "The more cases I do the better the vein graft looks. I never have to repair anything, just tie branches."
    – Eric Ping, ACNP


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